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Give Yourself Credit... Your future is Worth the Investment.



We Assess Your

Credit Health

 Are you struggling to obtain a home loan or even a credit card?


Our team of credit experts identify strong areas of your credit report and factors that negatively affect your credit score. We develop a game plan for you to achieve the credit score you desire. 

We Work To

Build Your Credit

Have you noticed an error on your credit report?

From removing items such as unverified collection accounts to challenging lending institutions who conduct unauthorized credit inquiries, we manage the entire process of raising your credit score. 

We Support Your

Financial Goals

Are you looking to buy a house or car within the next year?


We support your financial goals by assessing your concerns, and ensuring you have a strong credit report that can get you the best rates on the house or car of your dreams. 

We not only  improve  your credit score, we educate you on your rights as a consumer and provide steps to alleviate the burden of bad credit.




D. Byers,

Charlotte, NC

As a recent college graduate, I underestimated the effect that a poor credit score would have on my personal goals and finances. From having to pay over $300 a month for my car payment, higher interest rates, and needing a cosigner just to find a place to stay; poor credit was driving me crazy. That’s where Credit Cultivation came in to play. The credit repair played only a small role in what was done for me. My score went up by over 100 points in less than a month but what I appreciated the most was the hands-on assistance and transfer of knowledge that has enabled me to take back control of my finances.

D. Chapman,

Charlotte, NC

Credit Cultivation was truly the start of how I moved forward to regain finacial freedom and control.  Most people from my generation do not understand how "CREDIT" effects your short term and long term finances.  I was fortunate enough to come across Credit Cultivation in my early 20's and it has significantly played a huge role in improving my credit score with results becoming noticeable within 3 weeks.  Credit Cultivation has a great team of passionate  workers that will dedicate their time and effort to analyze every individual's specific circumstances to slowly but surely improve ones credit.  I recommend Credit Cultivation to any person that is truly attempting to take strides in regaining financial control and freedom

R. Evans,

Charlotte, NC

Before credit cultivation, the idea of having credit really scared me. I was always told to not get  a credit card due to the possibility of being in debt. Getting started with this process I was kind of skeptical if it would work. After credit cultivation was explained it made sense. Sending out the notaries I was excited to see results which happened very quickly! Credit cultivation is a resource to not only help with your credit but to educate you as well. I have even started referring my friends and family to join! Thanks to credit cultivation my confidence is now restored in building and repairing my credit!


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